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There are a group of people who live with 
wonderful sceneries in Qingjing every day.
And then there came a day,

they felt that it wasn’t enough.
They were supposed to share all these 
wonderful things with other people.

Dive the passengers onto the peak of
Hehuan Mountain to enjoy the sun light.
put the sunshine into your backpack.
Enjoy the beauty of sun Moon lake,
put the clarity of recall all these memories
when you go back to normal life.
which supplies you both pleasant mood and 
positive energy.
As time goes by, all the tourists from all over
the world will be obsessed with Taiwan simply
by getting more familiar to it,
which makes both you and me happy.

We are

Jbus Mail:joinhappytw@gmail.com


Jbus WeChat :  joinhappytw

Jbus TEL: 049-2803855     FAX: 049-2803800              

Jbus  Dedicated line:0800-300129、0968-070600

Jbus Address:南投縣埔里鎮民族二街80號


交觀甲7149-3號   品保編號:南0162號

J Bus 均亞小客車租賃有限公司
(JYUN-YA Small passenger car rental Limited Limited)

a group of masters at the culture
of local aboriginal tribes who love Taiwan.
We are not only ordinary drivers.
but also tourist guides who love driving
and have driven our guests through entire Taiwan for years.
J Bus. We measure the depth of Taiwan
By the trips that we have experienced.

Line ID:@jbus



Line ID:@jbus