Each bus carries 8 people, which makes your trip more flexible.

There is always a surprising moment in a trip. The reason of staying is to make your impression more profound. Call you friends or family to assemble a group, or join our half/one day trip.

Travel light in Taiwan!

Our drivers are not only good companions, but also local residents with tremendous knowledge of aboriginal culture. They know all the must-see places. Of course, with truly sincere service.

No karaoke, no shopping, even no tips are our principle. However, it’s such a pity to miss the celestial sound from the Aboriginal. So please, feel free to request a song

VW T5 and T6 9seater Business VIP Exclusiv Luxus Van, which are equipped with rear air conditioning, rear curtains, LCD screen and satellite navigation along with digital TV function. Satisfying your needs in your trip.
The travel experience is smooth both on flat ground and in mountain area. Let you go around entire Taiwan, but still play big and stay energetic.

Our buses are very cozy and safe. Needless to say, our clients are insured. All of our clients will be insured with Liability Insurance Of ThePassenger coverage up to 3 million. 

The safety of vehicles is crucial.

  1. ) J Bus is a legally registered minibus leasing company.
  2. ) 100% imported vehicles, not kit vehicles assembled in Taiwan.
  3. ) J Bus offers a well-trained fleet 100% consisting of our own company cars which are neither owned by other companies nor private cars.

The sunrise, the endless sea of cloud, snow and flower viewing. Get ready to be impressed as much as you want.

Mountain Climbing, camping, bike riding and surfing. Hold your passion, just hit the road!

Family trip, friends gathering, travel light for the aged, and wedding photography. Enjoy every beautiful moment in your life.

Taiwan is So Beautiful

Everywhere you want to go, J BUS will be with you.
Everywhere you want to go, J BUS will be with you.

Taichung One Day Tour

Taroko National Park

One-day Tour of Alishan

Nantou 2- day Tour: Puli, Qingjing, Hehuanshan, The Sun Moon Lake

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Line ID:joinhappytw