Hualien 1-day Tour


Qingshui Cliff →Taroko National Park Headquarters & Visitor Center → Shakadang Trail →Eternal Spring Shrine → Buluowan (lunch) →Swallow Grotto → Tunnel of Nine Turns → Tianxiang → Baiyang Waterfall Trail → Hualien

清水斷崖 → 中橫公路牌坊 → 太魯閣遊客中心 → 砂咔噹步道 → 長春祠 → 布洛灣台地 → 燕子口 → 九曲洞 → 天祥 → 白楊步道 → 花蓮

Taroko National Park


Taroko became a national park in 1986, including Hualien County, Nantou County and Taichung City. Taroko is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Cliffs and canyons stretch along Liwu River. 

The waterfalls characterized Taroko National Park and the most famous ones are Baiyang Waterfall, Yindai Waterfall, Changchun Waterfall, and Lushui Waterfall. Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) and Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) are the most impressive natural scenes in Taroko and the canyons here are the narrowest. Tourists can appreciate the natural beauty along the tour track

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Line ID:@gpb5661f