Nantou 2-Day Tour

Taiwan Tea Tours 3: Sun Moon Lake Black Tea


Day 1

Departure at noon from Puli → Flower meal → Cycling by the Sun Moon Lake → Souvenir shopping at local specialties shops (“one town, one product”) and Yuchi Township Agricultural Association (tasting of Sun Moon Lake’s black tea and agricultural produce) → Dinner of the Sun Moon Lake style → Indigenous performance → Overnight stay at local hotel or B&B


Day 2

Maolanshan Black Tea Farm Hiking Trail → Arai Kokichiro Memorial Pavilion (Arai was the last director of the Yuchi Black Tea Research Station in the Japanese Period) → A look at the beautiful Sun Moon Lake from Alishan’s tea extension and research station and a visit to the tea industry museum → Tea-making experience → Sun Moon Lake black-tea lunch → Exploring the Sun Moon Lake  Home-coming


Day 1

中午抵達埔里 → 花宴料理 → 日月潭單車遊 → 參觀臺灣特色產品館(OTOP)及魚池鄉農會(品味日月潭紅茶、農特產),採購伴手禮 → 日月潭特色風味晚餐,觀賞原住民表演 → 夜宿飯店或民宿

Day 2

猫囒山紅茶園步道 → 尋訪臺灣日據時代最後一任魚池紅茶試驗支所所長:新井耕吉郎碑亭 → 茶業改良場遠眺日月潭美景、參觀茶業文化展示館 → 體驗製茶 → 日月潭紅茶風味午餐 → 日月潭遊湖 → 賦歸

Yuchi Assam Black Tea

During the Japanese occupation period, superior tea seeds were imported from India to Yuchi (fish pond) Township in Nantou County by the Japanese government. Since then, Yuchi has been an ideal area to cultivate black tea. During the Japanese colonial era, tea produced in Yuchi, was served to the Japanese Emperor.


Tea trees of the first generation are over 80 years of age, and the black tea is beautiful, colorful, and fragrant with the sweet aroma of flowers. The mellow taste lingers and makes the black tea a treasure.




Puli is at the center of Taiwan. With an elevation between 380~700 meters, Puli is a basin surrounded by rising & falling mountains, hills and farmland. The most famous tourist spots include the Puli Brewery Factory, Guangxing(Guangshing) paper Manufactory, and Chung Tai Chan Monastery; its special products (fine food) are wild rice stems, passion fruit, red sugar canes, rice-noodles, and Shaoxing wine.

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area


The Sun Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.


The most famous sights around Sun Moon Lake are the Itashao, Lalu Island, the Xuanzang Temple, the Ci-en Pagoda, and the Wenwu Temple and so on. The natural forests bordering these roads are good places for bird watching. Birds, fish, insects and wild vegetables are flourishing in the region as well. These are all natural resources of the Sun Moon Lake region.


The Shao Clan is the earliest clan that lived in the Sun Moon Lake region. The Harvest Festival, Sowing Festival and their special handicraft fair every year, as well as their articles have helped to preserve the particular culture of the Sun Moon Lake region.

Maolan Mountain Hiking Trail


Mt. Maolan Hiking Trail is located at Mingtan middle school. You can go through it to Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station, Yuchi Branch and Weather Forecast Station, Sun Moon Lake Station. The length of this trail is about 4.6 kilometers. There are farms of Asam black tea and cedar trees here. It is also the best place of sunrise- watching.



Source: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)


Photo: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration 


Photo: 黃石頭

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