Taichung 2- Day Tour

Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area


Day 1

Houli (Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory or Chongshe Flower Market or Houli Bikeway) → Dongshih Forest Garden → Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area/ Vistors center → Forest-shower trails visitors can use to enjoy the nature → Animals or star observation at night

Day 2

Sunrise → Bird watch deck → Yakou Observatory → Tianchih (Heaven's Lake)→ Suehshan Shenmu (Divine Tree) Trail →Fengyuan


第一日:后里(月眉觀光糖廠或中社觀光花市或后里鐵馬道) → 東勢林場吃午餐 → 大雪山國家森林遊樂區 遊客服務中心 → 森林浴步道尋幽 → 夜間動物生態觀察&觀星 → 夜宿大雪山

第二日:觀日出雲海→ 與森林精靈有約(賞鳥) → 觀景台 → 天池 → 雪山神木群 → 豐原(葫蘆墩文化中心或漆藝館)

Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area

This national forest recreation area is located at the back of the south-westerly main ridge of the Xueshan mountain range. From the high point of Xiao Xue Mountain, the ridge stretches to the southwest, including Anma Mountain, Chuanxing Mountain and Xiaolai Mountain, down to the Xiaolai Creek gorge at around 1000 meters in elevation. Due to encompassing different elevation zones the area has a richly diverse forest and has 218 plant species, with the hemlock spruce and Japanese Anisetree the main tree species. The warm, temperate, and frigid forest zones each have their own distinctive appearance. This area was a major logging center in earlier times.



Source: Taichung City Government Tourism Office



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