Maoli 1-Day Tour

Culture & Art Tour in Maoli


Mingde Reservoir or LOHAS Park (Hakka Large Yard) → Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum → Shan Ban Ciao Mask Cultural Village → Longteng Bridge → Shengxing Train Station → Reed Cultural Museum or Jin Lian Sing Brick House

明德水庫或桐花樂活公園(客家大院,桐花季) → 三義木雕博物館與水美木雕街 →山板樵文化生活館 → 魚藤坪斷橋(龍騰斷橋) → 勝興車站 →藺草文化館/灣麗磚瓦文物館

Miaoli Tour

Sightseeing in Miaoli takes you from culture to scenic wonders, for the natural sceneries and diverse eco-resources here are unmatched anywhere in Taiwan. Miaoli is the only place with four train stations, the home to Taiwan’s oldest oil well, and best woodcarvings, pristine beaches, temples, and ceramic kilns, plus many, many more. 


Mingde reservoir

Presenting the original historic trails, traditional cultural museums, and folk beliefs, Mingde reservoir is considered a precious spot with rich ecosystem and cultural charm.




Source: Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County


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