Shei-Pa National Park 2-Day Tour

Taipei/Taichung- Maoli Wenshui/ Tai-an Tour


Taipei/Taichung → Wenshui visitor center in Shei-Pa National Park → Fayun Temple → Wenshui old street → Qingan Tofu Street → Tai-an Hot spring(stay overnight) → Guided tour of Tai-an village → Strawberry picking in Dahu (view the sunflower fields when strawberries are out of season)/Dahu Wineland Resort

台北/台中 →雪霸國家公園汶水遊客中心 → 法雲寺 → 汶水老街 → 清安豆腐街 → 泰安溫泉(夜宿) → 泰安部落導覽 → 大湖採草苺(非草莓季可欣賞向日葵田園)/大湖酒莊  

Wenshui Old Street


The Wenshui Old Street was once an important transportation route and a converging point for goods. Today it is an area where culture, tourism and art are preserved as one. The nostalgic atmosphere delivers visitors back through time to olden Hakka days.

Tai-an Hot spring


Hot spring tours in Miaoli have long been strongly recommended by the travel industry! As one enjoys premium hot spring and the tranquil views offered by Mother Nature, fine cuisine and fruit picking make other pleasures contributed by different ethnic charms...! To more actively preserve and promote the Ayatal culture, the county government recently established the Ayatal Indigenous Cultural Park which demonstrates the Taian Hot Spring and the Ayatal culture at once. The park is equipped with a museum, a parking lot, and a hot spring foot bath. 



Source: Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County

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