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Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area

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Qingjing →Wanta Power Plant(Cherry Blossom) → Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area (Regulating pond / Wanda Waterfall / Twin Falls / Cherry Blossom Garden / Maple Trail / Relay service station / Fonglin Bridge / Pine forest)

清境 → 萬大發電廠(季節限定賞櫻秘境) → 奧萬大國家森林遊樂區(遊客中心/調整池/飛瀑區/雙瀑區/櫻花園/生態池/賞鳥平台/奧萬大吊橋/松林區)


Aowanda Forest Recreation Area is in southeastern Jenai Township of Nantou County, through which Nouliao, Chinshui, Magu, North Wanda, and South Wanda Creeks all flow. This 2787-hectare area is 1100 to 2600 meters above sea level. Since the mean annual temperature is 19ºC, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Not only is Aowanda the ideal place for observing the changing autumn hues, but is also makes for an excellent summer resort.


Source: Forestry Bureau

Photo: 黃石頭

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