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Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

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Taichung /Qingjing → The Sun Moon Lake → Xiangshang Bikeway →

Xiangshang Visitor Center → Wenwu Temple- Songbolun and Dazhuhu Trails →

Cable Car → Yidashao Lakeside Trail → Yidashao Pier (Lake Tour by Yacht)

台中/清境 → 日月潭風景區 → 向山自行車道/向山遊客中心 → 文武廟、松柏崙暨大竹湖步道 → 纜車 → 伊達邵親水步道/伊達邵碼頭遊船


​Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area


Divided by Lalu Island, the Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrain that looked like a sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other. Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is also the most famous source of hydroelectric power; offering key tourist themes - “high mountain and lake”, “indigenous culture”, and “nature ecology,” the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area attracts more than six million visitors each year.

Sun Moon Lake features the only full-range 3D tours (lake, sky and land) in Taiwan. The lake cycling trail has been recognized by CNNGO, CNN as one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world. Top scenic spots in the lake area include Lalu island, Wenwu Temple, Cien Pagoda, Lalu Island, Syuentzang Temple, Xian Mountain, Yongjie Bridge, Tongxin Bridge, Christian Church, Meihe Garden, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village and Snake Kiln, and the 14 lake trails are the top choices for sightseeing and leisure activities; specialty recreational locations in surrounding areas include (organized based on tour theme): Jiji and Checheng (Railway Nostalgic Trip); Dili and Sangyong (Indigenous Village Tour); Lugao and Seshui (Black Tea Pottery Tour) and Puli Taumi and Toushe Live Basin (Nature and Ecological Tour).



Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival - February, March

Bicycle Free tour & Firefly Appreciation - April, May

Travel Light with Butterflies at Puli - June, July

Thao Harvest Festival

10,000 People Sun Moon Lake Traverse - September

Sun Moon Lake Festival - October, November

Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday -November



Source: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration

Photo: 黃石頭

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